Schafran Propeller Foto ISO 9001

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Propeller manufacturer: Propeller position: port port int. port ext. midships
Material:   starb. starb. int. starb. ext.
Fitted on:  
Running period since lastoverhaul/first fitting: Surface: smooth rough very rough
Fixed pitch propeller Controllable pitch propeller  
Propeller-ID: Fouling up to radius: moderate strong very strong
Sense of rotation:  
Blade-No.: Damage at: the hub the flange
Diameter: propeller remains on vessel propeller is removed for overhaul
Classification society:  
Class notation:  

deformed edge (indicate: bent forward or backward, deformation in angular degrees, visible length)

continuous crack (indicate visible length)

surface cracks

rupture (indicate max. wall thickness)

edge damage

edges very thin

corrosion effect

pittings (indicate max. depth)

slight cavitation erosion

coarse cavitation erosion (indicate max. depth)

existing weldings


temporary treatment

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