Scope of services

Schafran Propeller Foto ISO 9001

Our Service Spectrum

  • Project based design, production, and delivery of:
    • Fixed pitch propellers (FPP)
    • Controllable pitch propellers (CPP)
    • Complete shaft installations with optimised FPP or CPP including:
      • Propeller shaft for (oil-, grease-, or water lubricated) installations
      • Shaft coupling
      • Stern tubes made of steel, stainless steel, or aluminium
      • Stern tube bearing for oil-, grease- or water lubricated installations
      • Stern tube seals for various executions
      • Bulk head seals
      • Shaft earthing devices
      • Shaft break or shaft blocking installation
      • Rope guard optionally with net cutter
      • Propeller nut with zinc anode
      • Thrust- and journal bearing
    • Rudder and rudder stock
    • Propeller duct optionally with or without structural integration
    • Shaft bracket in I – or V- shape as bronze or welded steed- / stainless steel execution
    • Certification of our products by all well-known classification societies (e.g. ABS, BV, DNV, LRS, RINA)
Schaffran Propeller - Scope of services
  • SCHAFFRAN spare part- and assembly service for FPP- und CPP installations
  • Change over from controllable pitch propeller (CPP) installations with push rod to SCHAFFRAN hydraulically operated CPP
  • Contract work – general engineering, milling work, lathe work up to 16m, boring machine work as well as purpose built items according to customer specification

Propeller shafts and stern tubes
Propeller shafts and stern tubes

Flanges, zinc anodes and propeller nuts
Flanges, zinc anodes and
propeller nuts

  • Customized design of ship propulsion installations
  • Customized design and performance estimation of propellers and controllable propeller blades
  • Delivery of vibration and shaft alignment calculations
  • Repair, modification, and overhauling of:
    • Marine / ship propellers of all kind as well as performance adjustments
    • Large propellers
    • Propeller blades and complete controllable pitch propeller installations of various makers and delivery of spare blades
    • Ship shafts including straightening and concentricity control
  • Shaft liners, treatment and changing of shaft liners in various executions
  • Ceramic coating of ship shafts

Stefan Lange and Matthias Eckert
Tel.: (0451) 5 83 23-16

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